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Valentine's Day Recap

Valentine's Day Recap

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Valentine's Day was totally awesome, I had a great time with my sweetie. He surprised me with chocolates, a big teddy bear and a dozen roses. Stephen and I went to Tater Tot's birthday party and hung out for a few hours in the afternoon. After that, we got ready and then went to the Emerald, in Irish restaurant in South Austin. It was well staffed and some other young cute couples who looked like they were going to hit the cakes afterward were enjoying their meals. Other weekend festivities included making chicken tacos together, watching Blazing Saddles, finishing off our bottle of leftover wine from Valentine's Day, and listing stuff on ebay. I've been washing Barbie dolls from the 70's and 80's, digging out Superstar disco dresses for them, and putting them up for auction. It's fun. Baby cat is biting me in the arm, so I'd better wrap this up.
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