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Saturday the 7th

Saturday the 7th

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Really, it's been no different than most Saturdays... Stephen and I mailed some packages then had some Mexican food for lunch. He went to work and now I'm cropping ebay photos. I have an auction for a weird Barbie from Mexico going for $355 which makes me happy. I need to list a lot today to make up for 2 days of falling a little under my goals.

I'm doing laundry and feeding the kitties. This month is a tough one in terms of catching up so I'm trying to work one of my 2 days off each week. The garage is cleaner now that a truck load of board games got dumped off, but now there's a water leak to fix before I go refilling the garage with more inventory. Honestly, I can't wait for next month with SXSW coming up. I'm just saving my money and energy for that and Modest Mouse at Stubb's in March.

Stephen got Valentine's Day off, which is exciting. We are going to an old favorite restaurant of ours. Time flies because our one year anniversary is coming up soon.
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