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the long and winding road

the long and winding road

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Stephen had the last two days off, so I got to spend some time with him which was great. He fixed my starter, so my car works now, yay! I'm working on today's ebay pile and it's back to another 5 days of work for Stephen at his job and for me from home. I met my goals last week, but really need to meet them this week to continue getting out of the hole. I saw the business news and it wasn't that great, but I won't let it get me down. So far there's a 1966 straight leg Francie and a 1969 flip Twist 'n Turn Barbie in today's pile.

I got some work done on my mother's estate, hopefully I can get some more done before January ends.

I still can't find my paint set. I don't know where it's disappeared to.

I want more than ever to level off my bills and declutter my home. I truly believe it is the key to happiness. I'm going to close my antique mall booth soon. It only breaks even at best. I guess you can't succeed unless you try, but I'm going for a more minimalist approach this time around. Too much responsibility has made me tired.

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