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Titillatiing Tuesday

Titillatiing Tuesday

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I had to call this entry titillating, because my friend Heather always says that and it makes me laugh. Heather and I are supposed to have lunch today. I'm lucky to have a friend named Heather who has been a great friend to me for 9 years now. We've done lots of fun things, we drove to Tulsa once in the summer in my old Toyota with no A/C, lol. We stayed in a fancy suite in Michigan a few years ago for a Barbie convention. I threw a party and execs from Kay Bee, Integrity Toys and Mattel showed up. It was fun, and funny at the same time. Barbie doll collectors are so crazy. Heather has a son now named Alex, and he is great. I really love him, and it's fun watching him grow up. His third birthday is coming up soon. Time really flies as you get older.

Ebay ran my charge on the wrong day (again) for the third month in a row. I think I scraped up enough to cover it, but you would think they could stick to the same time frame to run my fees each month. They are just making it harder and harder to think of Ebay as a viable full time job. I have been trying to stick to my work goals, but I'm not out of the hole yet. Hopefully soon...
  • *ahem* 4th birthday. Time flies, huh? You brought us kolaches in the hospital.
    You neglected to mention the smackdown that resulted in the suite :) Or that we were named best dressed in Detroit!
    Alex has been playing with his Playmobil house all afternoon. I looked it up and it retailed for 50 bucks, so not bad at $1.50 even if you factor in some replacement parts.
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